Ava Dance Centre is excited to open it's doors to Wollongong's dance loving families in 2019. We welcome students of all abilities to participate in our nurturing and rewarding classes.

Ava Dance Centre boasts a positive culture and friendly environment that values and appreciates every member. Your child is sure to create treasured memories and build unique friendships that will stay with them for life.


Are you trying to decide what style of dance to enrol your child in?

Our trial classes are a great way for your child to explore different dance genres and can help you choose the right class for them.

and see how Ava Dance Centre could be the perfect fit for your little one.


“Angela has been part of our dancing lives for the last 4 years. I am lucky enough to have had her share her passion and love of dance with 2 of my daughters through ballet and lyrical. Both girls have enjoyed and benefited from her nurturing, inclusive and personal style of teaching which ensures the development into the best dancers they can be.

She is able to maintain that difficult balance of enjoyment and achieving excellent results. Angela always has the students’ best interests at heart and really takes the time to understands each individual’s needs. Angela is approachable for any conversation or parental concern and explains her approach or decision with rationale. She is fair, transparent and consistent.

She is also one of the most extraordinary, beautiful and memorising dancers I have ever seen!”

- Sacha Biesse

“Our girls have been under the tutelage of Angela for the past 4 years. To put it simply, the girls have loved every session and every performance while working with Angela. She is warm, caring, and has an amazing ability to be able to teach the girls the finer technical aspects of dance in a fun, engaging and enjoyable way.

Our girls love of dance is in no small way attributed to Angela’s mentorship and commitment to make an impact on each and every girl in her class. And she does it all with an ever present beautiful smile on her face!

Whilst the girls and our family will miss Angela a great deal, we know she will fulfil her dream of running a highly professional and fun dance school that many kids will appreciate and benefit from (just like ours have) for many years to come.”

- Felicity Begg

"We have known Angela for several years as our dance teacher and were very impressed with her skills and her enormous patience. Angela is one of those rare dance teachers who is firm and strict with the students yet also flexible when needs to be. She offers great support and encouragement to her students and is fortunately a new breed of teacher.

Having danced myself many years ago, teachers always tended to work on criticism and many still do, however Angela offers advice and shows the students what they need to change to ensure their dancing and their skill level improves without as much stress or effort. She is positive in her feedback and makes the children feel like while they may not be dancing perfectly they are doing a good job and will improve with just some small simple changes to their technique.

My daughter Chloe did some solos and Angela was there every step of the way encouraging and supporting her to trust herself and to have the courage to do something different. For my once very quiet and anxious girl, this meant a lot to us and Angela really helped to build Chloe's confidence and her dancing capabilities."

- Melinda Walker